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Cocktail deals

Rent your
rolling house-bar
for your own

Only the best for every guest. For receptions, for parties, for stag nights, for company- and Christmas parties, for anniversaries, for birthdays, for weddings… for all those times when it is important: The BARprofis’ cocktail deals. You order. We come to you and bring everything with us. You treat your guests to a very special evening. Simple.

As an example, a few of our deals:

Caipi-Deal S

2h 25 Caipis 149 €

Caipi-Deal M

3h 50 Caipis 289 €

Caipi-Deal L

3h 75 Caipis 439 €

Caipi-Deal XL

3h 100 Caipis 579 €

As an example, a few of our deals:

Cocktails-Mix S

2h 50 Drinks 329 €

Cocktails-Mix M

3h 75 Drinks 459 €

Cocktails-Mix L

3h 100 Drinks 599 €
Cocktails-Mix XL 3h 250 Drinks 1299 €

Special wishes wanted!

Speak to us concerning your individual mix of cocktails. While we usually try to read every wish in your eyes, in this case, communication is better. Of course, we are happy to offer alcohol-free cocktails as well - whatever and however you like. We will also gladly bring a whole bar with us. Feel free to ask us for the price.

Choose your favourite cocktail
French Sour
6 cl Calvados, 3 cl Zuckersirup, 4 cl Zitronensaft, 17 cl klarer Apfelsaft
4 cl Absolut Vodka, 2 cl Triple Sec, 2 cl Lime Juice, 21 cl Cranberrysaft
Peach Fizz
6 cl Pfirsichlikör, 3 cl Zuckersirup, 3 cl Zitronensaft, 18 cl Soda
Swimming Pool
3 cl Havana Rum 3 Jahre, 3 cl Absolut Vodka, 3 cl Kokossirup, 2 cl Blue Curacao, 4 cl Sahne, 15 cl Ananassaft