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Bar concepts
that taste of success.

Your bar is missing guests and you have no idea why? We are happy to share our longstanding experience with you and turn your gastronomical enterprise into a success.

You are looking for a permanent improvement of your bar concept or economical results? You are about to open a new business or would like to integrate cocktails into your existing one?

We are happy to help and offer individual solutions perfectly catered to your business.

Choose your favourite cocktail
French Sour
6 cl Calvados, 3 cl Zuckersirup, 4 cl Zitronensaft, 17 cl klarer Apfelsaft
4 cl Absolut Vodka, 2 cl Triple Sec, 2 cl Lime Juice, 21 cl Cranberrysaft
Peach Fizz
6 cl Pfirsichlikör, 3 cl Zuckersirup, 3 cl Zitronensaft, 18 cl Soda
Swimming Pool
3 cl Havana Rum 3 Jahre, 3 cl Absolut Vodka, 3 cl Kokossirup, 2 cl Blue Curacao, 4 cl Sahne, 15 cl Ananassaft