The Bar Pros | BAR profis aus Hannover
The Bar Pros

The liquid arts
are our world

We are quite crazy. Crazy about the perfect drink on the perfekt party. Kim Kalienski & Team, passionate barkeepers.

As cocktail caterers and bar consultants we are at home anywhere in Germany. With our team, we stir, shake and mix at major events, exhibitions, company and private events.

Many caterers already realised their economical goals with our help. We are keen to learn which dreams and goals you want to realise!

Choose your favourite cocktail
French Sour
6 cl Calvados, 3 cl Zuckersirup, 4 cl Zitronensaft, 17 cl klarer Apfelsaft
4 cl Absolut Vodka, 2 cl Triple Sec, 2 cl Lime Juice, 21 cl Cranberrysaft
Peach Fizz
6 cl Pfirsichlikör, 3 cl Zuckersirup, 3 cl Zitronensaft, 18 cl Soda
Swimming Pool
3 cl Havana Rum 3 Jahre, 3 cl Absolut Vodka, 3 cl Kokossirup, 2 cl Blue Curacao, 4 cl Sahne, 15 cl Ananassaft