Seminar Fine Spirits | BAR profis aus Hannover
Seminar Fine Spirits

The sound of knowledge is “Ah!”.
This is how the spirit
gets into the bottle.

Life with spirits. Between vodka, tequila, rum & Co, there is a whole universe to be explored for epicureans. Learn more about their history and their culture. Our training events cover spirits from all over the world, their country and region specific properties, history, production and the knowledge needed for it.

Through qualified degusting, we bring you one step closer to the world of spirits - smell it, taste it, live it!


Choose your favourite cocktail
French Sour
6 cl Calvados, 3 cl Zuckersirup, 4 cl Zitronensaft, 17 cl klarer Apfelsaft
4 cl Absolut Vodka, 2 cl Triple Sec, 2 cl Lime Juice, 21 cl Cranberrysaft
Peach Fizz
6 cl Pfirsichlikör, 3 cl Zuckersirup, 3 cl Zitronensaft, 18 cl Soda
Swimming Pool
3 cl Havana Rum 3 Jahre, 3 cl Absolut Vodka, 3 cl Kokossirup, 2 cl Blue Curacao, 4 cl Sahne, 15 cl Ananassaft